The Barren Days
During the beginning of 2011 a one-man black metal entity called Barren came to life by the hands of 'P'. One demo called 'Blue Rust' was recorded but not released by this time.

A New Breed Arises
As Barren transformed into something more complex, the decision was made to become a band with a full line up. For this reason 'G' and 'A' joined and Paragon Zero was formed. This team, assisted by Gravel S. on drums recorded 'Timeless New Breed' to commemorate our devotion to perversity, death and what's beyond. It consists of three songs and a cover of Pestilence's 'Twisted Truth'. This manifesto was released on tape by Neverheard Distro in 2013 in total of 250 copies and the band had a few live appearances on carefully selected venues.

Memories of the Snake
In 2018 Spiritside Productions released Blue Rust for the first time and re-released Timeless New Breed, both on digital platforms. This very act among a few others pumped fresh blood into the band's dry veins.

Kins of Witches
To pay respect for the departed ancestors who infiltrated our life with Magick, the band recorded and released a single entitled 'The Old Witch'. This momentum marks our return as an active and operating band as of April 2019.

Old Temple, Old sounds
1000 days after the last live appearance Paragon Zero finished the recording sessions of the second EP entitled OMASS, started back in 2015. The message remained the exact same. To ensure continuity, only the previously unrecorded instruments were added to the already existing structures of the songs. In 2020 OMASS has been released in co-production by Pest Records and Neverheard Distro and a brand new line-up had been gathered for live performances.

As of 2021 Paragon Zero is:
Andreas - bass | P - guitars | WN - guitars | Zasolth - vocals

Affiliated Acts:
Türböwitch | Symmetry of the Void | Gravel Shores | Voltak | Junkies | Svoid | Pagan Megalith


Omass (EP, 2020)

1. Phosphorous Blaze
2. Remnants
3. Greatest of All Shadows
4. The Grey Feast
The Old Witch (single, 2019)

1. The Old Witch
Timeless New Breed (EP, 2013)

1. An Existence Beyond Sane Reality
2. Hymn to Violence
3. Where Obscenity Is the Law
4. Twisted Truth (Pestilence cover)





3 October 2020 - Budapest (HU), KVLT w/ Necroratory, Athame, DVVAD
12 July 2020 - Mindszent (HU), Lowland Fest
24 Sept 2015 - Budapest (HU), Showbarlang w/ Saturnus (DK), Helevorn (E), Visioned Failty
14 December 2013 - Miskolc (HU), Vörösmarty MH w/ Karst, Gore Thrower, CageDeadDogs
26 October 2013 - Szerencs (HU), Extreme Noise Fest w/ Krow (BR), Angerseed
15 September 2013 - Debrecen (HU), Kaptár w/ Def/light (UA), Rattler (UA), Integral Vortex






Paragon Zero belongs to the community of Spiritside Productions.